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As stated on the "Disclaimer" and the "Legacy site", that this website is NOT owned or maintained by the United States Department of Transportation or by your State's Department of Transportation. This website is privately owned in hopes that it will be useful. If you have any comments, questions or concerns that is not specifically to this website they should be addressed to either United States Department of Transportation, you're States Department of Transportation or by contacting your city of where you live or where you have a comments, questions or concerns.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important please read the privacy policy as outlined on this page, as any changes to privacy policy will be available on this page.

To access this website you do not need to provide any personal and identifiable information however if you choose to get in contact you may be required to provide the necessary information such as but not limited to your name, valid email address, brief message the state or city or the metropolitan area depending on the type of inquiry.

The information will be used to facilitate your request and be able to respond back to you if there are any questions as additional information may be needed in order to fulfill your request.


All visitors are expected to adhere to the terms as outlined on this page as well as any social media accounts that this website maintains.

Social media accounts

None at this time, this website is still being worked on.